Credit cards for business

Our company card is classified as a credit card, so it can be used at everything from the local hardware store in Nyköping to the rental car company in New York. It can also be loaded with a credit.

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How much credit can we get?

The amount of credit we can offer depends on the company's unique situation. We make an individual assessment in each case. Start by creating an account here at Then apply for a business credit card.

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How does repayment by credit work?

If you choose to repay the credit every two weeks, it will be linked to your bank account by direct debit. Everything is done automatically so you don't have to worry about running out of money in your account. If you want a monthly invoice and the opportunity to pay off parts of the amount, you will receive an invoice with a 10-day payment period. The minimum amount payable is 10% of your credit limit.

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Credit at account level

With Mynts credit card for business, the credit is at the account level and not specified to each individual card. This means that all users in the company share the same credit limit. To limit how much each employee can spend, you can set individual purchase limits on each card.

Credit with top-up

To ensure that there is always money in the account, it is possible to activate automatic replenishment of the account, known as auto top-up. If an individual user needs to buy more than intended, it is also easy to change the purchase limit on the user's card. All funds are always protected by a government deposit guarantee.

Apply for credit at Mynt

Start by creating an account here at Then apply for credit. If you want to increase your limit if it turns out that the current one is too low, you can also apply for it. It is quick to submit an application, and we return with a decision usually the same day.

Cost of credit

At Mynt you can choose between different ways to access credit. Choose between paying it back every two weeks or monthly.

Payment method

Monthly cost

Direct Debit (every two weeks)
59 kr
The full amount is automatically refunded every two weeks.
Invoice (monthly) *
59 kr + 0,45% of used amount
With the possibility of partial payment

*In case of monthly repayment by invoice, you have the possibility to split the invoice. The minimum amount to be paid is 10% of your credit limit. The interest rate on excess amounts is 1.95% per month. A monthly fee of SEK 59 + 0.25% of the utilized amount will be added.

Frequently asked questions about credit

What is the difference between overdraft and card credit?

Card credit is linked to a specific credit card, while an overdraft is linked to a bank account. At Mynt we offer overdrafts.

What is the cost of credit at Mynt?

The cost of the credit depends on your desired payment period.

In case of monthly repayment by invoice, you have the possibility to split the invoice. The minimum amount to be paid is 10% of the credit limit. The interest rate on the remaining amount is 1.95% per month. An invoice fee of €59 per month is added, as well as a fee of 0.45% of the amount used.

You can also choose to repay the credit every fourteen days. The entire amount is then automatically repaid by direct debit every two weeks and the monthly cost is SEK 59.

Read more about the cost of credit here

Who is liable to pay for business credit?

With Mynt, the responsibility for payment lies with the company, not the individual employee.

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