Integrations to accounting systems

Mynt has direct integrations with the market's leading accounting system, such as Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi and P:E Accounting. However, Mynt can be used with all accounting systems through CSV export or SIE files. Either way, you will save a lot of time.

How do the different integrations work?

How our integrations work is unique to each accounting system. Read more under each system below.

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What does integration mean?

Accounting integration involves linking different systems or software to facilitate and automate the accounting process. This in turn reduces manual handling of data and helps to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

How is the linkage made?

Linking your accounting system to Mynt is easy. This is done under accounting settings in logged-in mode at Here you select your accounting system. You can then fill in the accounts you want to use from your chart of accounts, and add categories to suit your needs.


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Mynt is the future
User-friendly interface, easy to administer, fast support.
Michael Gruenberger
Highly recommended
We automate our entire expense management. All employees have their own company cards and our receipts go straight into accounting via PE.
Jonathan Ortheden
Excellent for us
We now have company cards for the whole team and have finally got our expenses in order. Highly recommended. Easy to get started and great support.
Niklas Eriksson

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