See all expenditure in real time

Mynts analysis tools give you a full overview of all expenses, so you can avoid unexpected expenses and keep track of your budget in real time.

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Why corporate cards?

Integrated with accounting

Easy expense management

Unlimited number of cards

View transactions in real time


Individual spending limits

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The tool that strengthens your budget planning

By being able to instantly see what is being spent each time a card is drawn, you can find out discrepancies and possibly reduce spending by department, team, project or individual budget.

Plan & anticipate needs

With the Mynts app, you and your employees can see how your budget is spent in real time - even if you are abroad, away on business or working from home.

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Filter by information

In the Mynts system you can easily filter expenses to find the information you are looking for. See which transactions have no receipt and category, or filter by user and card.

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Get a complete solution for the expenses of the company, with cards attached to the accounting.

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