Use your Mynt card with Apple Pay

A convenient way to pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac — Apple Pay lets you make secure payments in stores, apps, and online.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Easy to use

Built-in security

Works on millions of websites and apps

Easier online payments

Add to Apple Watch

Works with virtual and physical cards

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Apple Pay is secure

It is safe to use Apple Pay. For each card you connect, a digital card number associated with your device is created. This means that the store only receives the digital card number at the time of purchase. All your payments are kept private. Apple Pay does not store any transaction information that can be traced back to you.

How do I add Mynt card to Apple Pay?

To add your physical Mynt card to Apple Pay, open the wallet app on your iPhone, tap the plus button in the right corner, and then follow the instructions. To add virtual cards, go to the “Cards” tab in the Mynt app and tap “Add to Apple Pay”.

How do I use Apple Pay?

You can pay with Apple Pay in any store or online store where you see the symbols below.

To pay with Apple Pay in the store, open Apple Pay by quickly tapping the home button twice to use Touch ID. If you have an iPhone X or later, quickly double-tap the side button and use Face ID.
If you're using Apple Watch, quickly double-tap the side button to open Apple Pay.

When you open Apple Pay, slide your phone or watch towards the payment terminal where the contactless payment symbol appears, just like when you flip a contactless card. Wait until you feel a slight vibration.

How do I install Apple Pay?

You can connect one or more cards from the private app or from Apple Wallet. All our cards can be connected and used with Apple Pay.

Connect your card from the App:
1. Log in to the app
2. Select the card to connect to Apple Pay (for one card there is only “Add to Apple Pay”, if there are more cards, there is “Choose the card to add”).
3. Agree to the terms and conditions.
4th. Click Done. Now the card is connected to Apple Pay and ready to use.

Connect your card through Apple Wallet:
1. Open Apple Wallet to connect your card to Apple Pay.
2. Press “+” and follow the instructions to add a new card.
3. Manually scan or enter the card details. Complete with the necessary information and your three-digit security code located on the back of the card.
4th. Accept the terms and conditions and select the method of identification.
5. The card is now connected to Apple Pay and ready to use.

Does it cost extra to use Apple Pay?

No it costs nothing. The service is free of charge.

What do I need to do if I have got rid of my mobile?

If you lose your Apple device, you don't need to lock your physical card, because your actual card number isn't saved in Apple Pay. However, you may need to block your mobile through “Find My iPhone”. Mark the device as “lost”. You won't be able to make any payments with Apple Pay on your device. For more information, contact Apple Support.

Some common questions about Apple Pay

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