Mynt Enterprise

For organizations that spend over SEK 1 million per month. Here we tailor the solution to your needs.

This is included in Mynt Enterprise

• Tailor-made integrations
• Discounts & cashback
• Agile software
• Unlimited number of corporate cards
• Dedicated onboarding and support

Mynt app on computer

Dedicated support

As an Enterprise Customer at Mynt, you will be assigned a representative who will help you with everything from onboarding to questions and concerns. Support is available via email, phone and chat during business hours.

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Some of our customers


As an Enterprise customer, we offer real cashback — you simply get back on everything you spend. The amount of cashback we offer may vary from case to case. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Tailored features

Are you missing something in our system? As an enterprise customer, you have the opportunity to influence the product to suit you.

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