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Mynt is a versatile platform, with multiple ways of integrating with partner ERPs and other partner software. This flexibility means that you as an integrating partner can customize to achieve the best fit for your customer offering.

We have highlighted a few cases below to give you a feel for how various partners have integrated with us.

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This is our own stand-alone offering for the Swedish market that can connect to most ERPs - this is where it all started. Having a customer facing brand of our own means we get continuous and direct end-user feedback, so that we constantly develop and refine the best possible platform. As a partner, this means you get access to a tried and tested platform with proven product-market fit. We, together with the thousands of Swedish SMBs that we serve, rely on this platform daily.

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Our own offering for the Swedish market
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Integrated with several accounting systems
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Used by thousands of Swedish companies

PE Accounting

PE Accounting started as a distribution partner as they saw the benefit of offering Mynt product to their customers, and for improving the expense management workflow for their accountants. After a successful pilot rollout, PE were convinced, and decided to deepen the partnership by implementing the light integration. Being very simple to integrate with, PE were able to roll this out in just two months. Administration is done in the Mynt interface, but expense management and accounting is done in the PE Accounting mobile and web platform. The cards are fully branded. PE Accounting is now continuously integrating more functionality to bring the experience fully native.

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Light integration through Mynt Technologies
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Industry leading accounting automation
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A scalable integration with the possibly to go native in near future


Fortnox, the single largest ERP in the Nordics, opted for a full native integration of Mynt. Fortnox had invested heavily into building a high-caliber expense management app in-house, and adding cards was the perfect complement to drive customer value and retention. This is equally marketed towards end-customers and accounting offices, whose lives it improves by offering streamlined and fully digital workflows. Their early sing-up received over 10 000 submissions in the first days.

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Fortnox is the largest ERP in Sweden
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Full native integration through Mynt Technologies
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10 000 pre-orders on the first day

Johannes Hill

Head of Partnerships

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Johannes Hill has long experience within fintech and retail banking. Before joining Mynt he was the CEO for Visma Finance, building a fintech lending and factoring business that was embedded within Visma's ERPs. He has also spent much time analyzing the convergence of banking and ERP platforms, and helping ERPs investigate partnerships and third party solutions within the fintech area. Do you wonder why he ended up at Mynt? Give him a call or drop an email and he will be happy to discuss fintech and ERPs and give you a demo of the Mynt platform.