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Turnkey white-label corporate credit cards and spend management - delivered as a service.

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Help your customers spend better

Create a branded spend management experience for your customers. With built-in features, such as individual spending limits, Apple and Google Pay and spend management control.

Let us issue your cards

Our integrations with ERPs have over time transitioned into more strategic partnerships. 

Given our e-Money license and Visa Principal Membership, and the fact that we issue our own cards, we can also offer a full white-label card program for ERPs. 

One example is the Fortnox card, launching early 2023. 

KYB, SLS and fraud monitoring

We take care of KYB, payment flows, fraud monitoring, second line support - so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Spend analytics

Let your users know what they are buying, and who is spending. Slice card data efficiently by making use of our spend analytics functions.

Custom features

Provide premium features such as credit and travel insurance, all built in.
Added offers
Travel insurance
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How it works

Your Interface and brand

Web and mobile



Mynt API aggregration

Transaction Engine

Real-time event handeling

Card Management

Manage users and Cards

Credit engine

Credit scoring & invoicing

Cash management

Payment flows

KYC & Compliance

Operations & reporting

Card manufacturing & processing

Card scheme settlement

Financial regulator

Mynt e-money license for card issuing

Implementation options

You can choose from several options that adapt to your needs. 

Choose the fast light integration, with most interaction in your ERP and expense app, but onboarding and card setup made on ours, or a full integration, built totally on our APIs. The stand-alone product, same as Mynt.com in Sweden, can also easily be white labeled and introduced in your market, as a new part of your product portfolio that you distribute, but we operate. Get in touch with us to discuss the options further, or have a look at some of our use cases.

About us

Mynt offers a full spend management platform with branded corporate credit cards integrated directly with ERPs. We have also successfully grown our customer base in Sweden since launch, focusing on high spending businesses under our own Mynt brand. The company was founded in 2019 by Baltsar Sahlin, CEO, Johan Obermayr, COO and Magnus Widerberg, CTO and has around 45 employees.

Johannes Hill

Head of Partnerships


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Johannes Hill has long experience within fintech and retail banking. Before joining Mynt he was the CEO for Visma Finance, building a fintech lending and factoring business that was embedded within Visma's ERPs. He has also spent much time analyzing the convergence of banking and ERP platforms, and helping ERPs investigate partnerships and third party solutions within the fintech area. Do you wonder why he ended up at Mynt? Give him a call or drop an email and he will be happy to discuss fintech and ERPs and give you a demo of the Mynt platform.