Upsales about Mynt: “Effortless for everyone in the company — and used just for that”

June 9, 2022

Upsales uses Mynt to make it as easy for everyone at the company to make business purchases.

Upsales have used Mynt card solution since the fall of 2020. In a meeting with Elin Lundström, she tells us that Upsales has previously cooperated with foreign suppliers, but has not merged with Swedish accounting rules. In some cases it has been a good solution for the user, but lacked important functions for the finance department or accounting office.

“When you work with accounting, everything is either right or wrong. Therefore, it is important that it does not go wrong. There are many good international solutions, but where Sweden gets caught up. We have to account for everything in detail and we will never get away from that. But it can be done smoothly — and we experience with Mynt,” says Elin Lundström.

Smart business card with thoughtful flow

Mint's ambition is to make it easy and time efficient for everyone at the company to make purchases and expenses. With a connection to the company's accounting system, one can easily track the company's purchases and expenses in real time. The product is designed for the user to go through the process with 3 steps: make the purchase, pay directly or later — take a photo of the receipt in the app — the purchase is posted instantly!

“Mynt have a well-thought-out flow. Our employees receive a notification to photograph the receipt immediately after the purchase. In the past, they have waited to submit receipts until the end of the month and sometimes for over half a year. We felt that there was a certain concern or fear of making mistakes when reporting receipts, which resulted in many people putting off the process,” says Elin Lundström and continues:

“It put the finance department in situations that meant more work for us. Now the threshold for reporting receipts is lower, while we can see all purchases in real time and on a rolling basis during the month — now I'm in control!

About Mynt

Mynt automates accounting and offers smart business cards that interact your purchases with your accounting system instantly. Issue cards to your employees with individual purchase limits and keep track of your company's purchases and expenses in real time — all in one place!

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